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Experience Ipoh

Visit Ipoh Town and energise your senses with a distinctive Malaysian Hawker-style eating experience.

start your journeySee

Step into one of our restaurants and treat your eyes to the irresistible items on the menu. Glance around at the brisk crowds, eager to be served and seated. Meanwhile, our waitresses are skilfully weaving through the organised chaos; they're quick to clear empty plates and set up tables. As you go to order, peak past the front counters to steal a show of our chefs tossing their woks as colourful ingredients fly through the air.

feel the vibeHear

Wait in anticipation as your meal is being freshly prepared. You can hear the chatter and laughter of the seated customers echo across the decorated restaurant walls. The faint sounds of noodles slurping in the background will be heard, followed by the satisfying "ooh's" and "aah's" of our delighted customers.

And like music to your ears, your order is called out by our friendly servers. Your food is ready.

take it inSmell

With a set of piping hot dishes sitting in front of you, you're greeted with a cloud of fragrant Malaysian spices floating through the air. The steam from our famous laksa and stirfry dishes escape from their bowls, delivering a rich and spicy blend of aromas.

experience it!Taste

Upon taking your first bite, you're immediately transported to the rustic old-towns of Ipoh, Malaysia. With every mouthful, your taste buds are coated with distinctive South East Asian flavours that tell a story of generations sitting around the dinner table together, savouring the taste of traditional homecooked meals. Each dish is abundantly rich in flavour, spoiling your senses with the freshest quality sourced from local ingredients.

Experience Ipoh

We've perfected the craft of generations before us to bring you the diverse textures and tastes of authentic Malaysian cuisine.


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We’re always on the lookout for new locations to share our love of food, let us know where you’d like to see us!

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